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Direct Marketing

We advertise your business plans through direct marketing. And thus, allow you to measure the customer response instantly. The lack of intermediaries in our contact with customer lets us work transparently. This type of marketing is time saving and minimize the commuting cost.

Mobile Marketing

We have geared towards achieving a bigger market on smart phones, tablets and various electronic gadgets. By using a multi-channel, virtual advertising and marketing approach through web sites, e-mails and social media. We develop ad strategies to maximise the benefits and to capitalise your business.

Social Media Management

Our team monitors the response of community on various social media portals. A social media task force focuses on creating and executing strategies. These strategies provide apt response to customer queries and manage the discussions. We schedule huge number of posts and ensure your 24/7 presence on social media and niche markets.

Marketing Solutions.

We are Strategic, We are creative, We are Tactica, we are JAYLOG


Dedicated Team

We have an exceptionally dedicated team. Our team has maintained a record of providing highly sophisticated and professional services. From being gold medallists in their respective fields to mastering their skills, we aim for achieving excellence.

Open Pricing

Through our open pricing strategies, we allow our customers to have a clear analysis of the cost factor. We avoid any hidden charges and the complete layout and pricing model is discussed beforehand with the client. This ensures our honesty and a transparent working module.

Proven Results

We don’t believe in bragging about the things we can’t achieve. Neither we look for unrealistic strategies to achieve the results. However, all the promises we make to the clients are proved at the end of the project. We aim for realistic goals and work hard to achieve them with excellent strategies.

Viral Marketing

All our marketing strategies are looped together. This in turn allows us to analyse the outreach factor. We make sure that the task force of each marketing strategy is concerned for making the message reach as much audience as possible. We ensure targeting millions of people around the globe with our sharp tactics and clever approaches.

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